I’d like to thank you and all the teachers in Kipling for taking good care of Ellie for the past years. We are really happy that she is growing and learning so much and so fast during her time at school. I’d like to express my gratefulness again to your team for creating such a nurturing environment for her. 

Qiuhui & Guillaume


We appreciate all that the teachers and staff have done for our daughter during her time at The Kipling School.

Michelle N. 5/9/2023


We will be moving to Los Angeles next month. Thank you to all the teachers who have loved our children and taught them so much. We will miss The Kipling School family.

Kristen and Kevin D. 5/9/2023


We recently moved and now need to move closer to our new home. This is vey tough for our family because we’ve really loved Kipling. We’ll miss all the wonderful teachers and new friends.

Tanea E. 5/15/2023


We have truly appreciated and loved our time with Kipling!

Ashley and Travis S. 5/15/2023


We have really enjoyed being part of the Kipling School for the last 5 years. It’s been a wonderful place for the kids to grow and learn. Thank you for everything the school has done for our family.

Vanessa and Miguel S.


We are grateful to you and the Kipling School teachers for providing Abigail with amazing early infant/child care and a structured aducation program. We have highly recommended the shcool to our friends and would love to enroll another child (if we are able to have one!) Thank you!

Lindsay & Nathaniel C.


We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for our kids. Both my sons got the best and most nourishing fundamentals from all the teachers and the staff at Kipling. It has been an incredible three years for us and we thank everyone for all you have done to help us educate and raise our children. These first years are so important for the development of a child and I cannot say enough good things about all the teachers we have had in the past. 

I can’t wait to enroll our thir child with you soon. 

Negar H.


Shayan has enjoyed his time at your school very much and we have been incredibly impressed with your nurturing caring. Thank you for everything. 

Nima P


Thank you for all that you have done for her, she has really enjoyed her time and The Kipling School. 

Natelie F.


We have all really enjoyed our experience with Kipling, and Everett loves his teachers! We thank you so much for taking such good care of our son. 

Leslie and Sean


We have had a wonderful experience at Kipling and she has loved all of her wonderful teachers. 

Brandy T.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enroll our daughter, Adaora, at Kipling. She is enjoying the safe and enriching environment and it’s given her a great chance to socialize with other children in her age group.



I just want to thank you guys for ALL that you have provided in a pre-k and daycare for my son these past 4 years! He has learned so much and has had a blast!

Erin F.


Ryan has enjoyed so much at Kipling School it was such a good experience for him. 

Kahory S.


We have loved and are so appreciative of our time at Kipling. 

Maggie D.


We’ve loved having Abby at your school. 

Jason E.


Thank you! That class has done wonders for her and she really enjoys going to school. Once we tried to pick her up, she refused to leave!



I just wanted to say thank you for all of your employees’ hard work and dedication, especially during such a challenging time with COVID.

Many daycares in the cities we previously lived in have been sporadically closed and unreliable over the past 1/5 years and I don’t know what we would have done with Natalie with both Mike and I have full times jobs despite the pandemic. Not only have you been reliable, but Natalie has really loved all of her teachers, genuinely seems to enjoy her time at school, and seems to be learning at a great pace. 

Thanks for all your organization has been doing.

Kristin B. MD


I want to sincerely thank you for the amazing environment that Kipling has provided for Will over the past few months. We were in a real child are bind when we arrived at Kipling in October and I only wish we had made the decision to enroll Will earlier.He loves his teachers and consistenly surpises us with new words and tricks that he picksup from them at school. This has made such an impact on him as well as my husband and my ability to work through the COVID WFH time. Thank you to his teachers, office staff, and everyone at Kipling for everything!!!!!

Denise W.


It has been a pleasure working with the Kipling team members. Our children will never forget the great moments among Kipling family. We really appreciate everything Kipling has been doing for our children. 

Divaldo P.


Ally has recieved an excellent education and care at Kipling.

Katelyn H.


George has had an amazing experience and learned so much. He loves it at Kipling. 

Madeline P.


We have truly loved our time here. We always highly recommend you to everyone and we truly appreciate you all! Thanks!!

Jessica R.


We have loved our time at Kipling. Ms. Maria and Ms. Spitler have been wonderful. Julia has developed amazing new skills while at Kipling. Thank you.

Christyn K.


We are moving to Indiana and sadly Jack will no longer be attending the Kipling School. I want to say how much we have enjoyed our time with you all and really appreciate the great great great care you have provided our Son. We will miss you dearly and are certain that Jack will as well. Thanks.

Jack L.


I chose Kipling specifically because of how you handled COVID and it has been very reassuring to see how you have continued to handle this pandemic. Thank you.

Camille B.


I really feel so lucky to have been park of kipling for the last 5 years and consider it an answered prayer that we found you guys in the first place. I could not have imagined what this school was going to be for Claire and Royce and our family. Molly and Ariel, you guys ahve been lights in our day, always so kind and willing to listen and talk about anything or life or just listen to my mom stories about Claire. You guys have celebrated with us, cried with me, helped us through big decisions and I can’t imagine having gone through this stage of life without each one of you. You guys ave created a pretty special place and work so hard to keep it moving and showing up (even on hard days) and loving our kids and the families. Thank you for making this world a better place and for all of the sacrifices you make to do that. 

Valorie C.


Thank you for everything! It’s been a wonderful environment for her to blossom.

Beth & Luke G.


I would like to express my gratitude for all your hard work during the pandemic to keep us safe and for all you do for us, every day. 

Having Massima at Kipling ahs been nothing but a tremendous experience. We cannot say thank you enough for all the days that you opened the door for us, that you welcomed us to the school, for the amazing curriculum, structure you have, safety, but mostly, for your amazing staff. 

We feel lucky every day to have access to this wonderful school, people and excellent professionals that are always willing to help and do better. 

Massima loves her teachers and little friends and we are so happy that she is happy and learning from her teachers and peers. Miss Amber is an extraordinary person and professional and we are so thankful for her and rodeo room assistants, Miss Kim and Miss Brenda. They are excellent teachers and hardworking people. 

As a single mom, I feel extremely grateful and happy for having Massima learning and developing in such an amazing place. 

Thank you so much!



Madoc’s best friend is appllying for a part-time position at Kipling! I’ve been raving about Kipling to his mom Katie for months and shis finally coming by Wednesday to tour the school. I’m putting in a good word for Bennett. He’s a sweet little guy and he’s bored to death with a babysitter while his mom works. Katie is always to impressed with Madoc’s vocabulary and verbal skills. I explained to her that he started talking soon after starting school. I know Kipling has been immensley positive for our kiddo and I know it will be for Bennett. Hope you guys have a great day and thanks for all you do!

Mindi & Jay B.


Our family is moving to Denver. We are so sad to leave Kipling – we’ve really enjoyed it. Especially Mrs. Jeny! She has been the most kind and caring professional – we couldn’t ask for a better teacher. 

Alyse B.


We will always have Kipling to thank for helping shape Hazel in her formative years. Thank you for everything over the years, everyone has been so amazing!!!

Katie K


We are so appreciative for all of the years of love and guidance that you have given our kids, and we can’t thank y’all enough. 

Erica C.

I am extremely happy with the care my infant and toddler are receiving at Kipling. As a mother, it is difficult to leave your children in someone else’s care every day, but the teachers and staff at Kipling put my mind at ease. Not only are their basic needs met, but the curriculum offered is excellent and sets Kipling apart from just a regular daycare center. 


It is clear that you and the Kipling staff have performed effectively and thoughtfully during an unbelievably trying time. I appreciate the clear communication and the hard work you are all putting in to keep us safe. While it’s reasonable to get on with our lives to the extent possible, it is also crucial that we take every possible precaution. You are doing just that. I have never witnessed a staff member without a mask, and that is a crucial safeguard to containing the spread of COVID-19. Thank you!
Calder feels safe, happy, challenged, and loved at the Kipling School. We appreciate everything you do to support his development and spur his intellectual creativity.

Blake E


It is you all that deserve the credit. The way y’all handled the change has been downright amazing! The teachers and staff are really special! God bless you all.

Arlene C.

Kipling facilities and staff are wonderful, the facilities are well thought out and curriculum has the right balance of play and learning for all ages. All of my daughter’s teachers have been amazing, she loves them and they make you feel part of a family in each of the classrooms. My relatives are amazed with just how much our daughter knows and understands at such a young age and this is a credit to the staff and methods used at Kipling. I already have my new daughter enrolled to give her the same great start.


Kevin and I can’t imagine a better experience than we have had for Miles at Kipling. We have really loved your school, the teachers have been so wonderful (so patient with Miles), and we have strongly recommended Kipling School to our neighbors with young family/expectant Moms. Thank You.

Lucy & Kevin

You and your staff have our utmost gratitude for allowing David to be a part of the school. We have enjoyed watching DL learn about all subject matters and renew his enthusiasm for school. We wish The Kipling School continued success as the school expands.

Virginia & Rion

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Kipling and couldn’t think of a better place to have her. Each class that she has been in, we’ve had exceptional, kind, and loving teachers who have made us feel good about leaving Margo. She has excelled in every way throughout her time here. Our hope is that when our second child arrives, they would also be able to start their child care with Kipling.

Jessica & David

Logged in to see my baby and am continually impressed with what the teachers are doing with and for the kiddos! When I logged in, all of the kids were cleaning up toys/books/etc before lunch. Crazy to watch all the kids picking things up, taking them where they need to go, and then doing the same with something else until everything is back in order. Kudos to our teachers.

Michelle W

We are LOVING the teachers in the jungle room! You guys really did pick the perfect teachers for that room. They work together really well and I can tell they have a passion for teaching and for each child individually. I have noticed that London doesn’t cry when we leave her in the morning and she wants to stay when I got to pick her up because she is loving it so much. The Teachers are doing an awesome job and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Jenny K

Liam has grown tremendously while and Kipling and we are very appreciative of the curriculum and environment that you have developed. Thank you for everything.

Bill R

There aren’t words to describe what Jackson’s time at your school has done for his kindness, confidence and learning skills. Thank you for providing an amazing place filled with community, care and fun! Thank you!

Andrea F

We have had the most incredible experience at both Kipling Street Academy and The Kipling School! Luke has loved all his teachers, and has received the best care from each of them over the last 3 years. There are so many things that make Kipling special, but one that stands out is that all of the teachers (not only the ones that have had Luke in their class) and the directors who know our son by name and always take time out of their very busy days to stop and ask him how his day is going, or just listen to his silly stories and gibberish. Thank you for the wonderful memories, and for going above and beyond to provide such an amazing and safe place for our son to learn and grow.

Christine N

We would like to thank the teachers, school directors and staff for their warmth, care and development of our son, Grayson. He has shown such growth over the past year and we are forever grateful for the imprint Kipling will have on his educational and social development.

Derrick & Tiffany


Our family has really enjoyed Kpiilng and all the amazing teachers both my kids had and the Directors. Thank you for doing what you do and instilling the good qualities in our kids. 

Parul V.

Beau has been at Kipling since he was 2 months old, and we are grateful to all of his teachers, friends, and the school staff for having such a positive influence on Beau’s growth and development. We want to thank you and the school’s staff for everything. Kipling is a wonderful school and we would recommend it to anyone we know.

Annie & Greg

The Kipling School has been a great place for our kids to grow and learn over the last two years. We care deeply about many of the teachers, administrators and friends that we’ve gotten to know during our time here. Kipling is a place we always felt safe, comfortable and happy to leave our kids each day. Thank you for everything you all have done for our kids the past two years!


We would like to thank the management team and wonderful teachers at The Kipling school for the education in the most loving and caring environment provided to Zuriel in the past 2 school years. This has provided Zuriel a strong foundation that he will greatly benefit form years to come. Again, our great appreciation to you and the teachers for the wonderful experiences.

Zac and Lisa

4+ years later at Kipling and our first born is headed to Kinder. I’m so grateful for the love and education at The Kipling School. Kiran has been set up for success! Thank you.

Shirley and Neerav

We appreciate the care his teachers in the Nursery Rhyme room at KSA and in the Jungle Room at the Kipling school have given Paul over the past 15 months.

Susanna K

We have really enjoyed our time at Kipling and fell that you guys have really prepared Maddie for Kindergarten. Thanks!

Andrea C

I have been very happy at Kipling. Carolina has had great and caring teachers. I believe that what she has learned here will be a great foundation for her. Thank you.

Gracie G

We love your school.

Kayla Y

Thank you very much for a wonderful year, while we had to wait for the school to finally open, it was worth the wait. You have set a very high bar.

Christopher and Meredith

It has been very hard and time consuming to find a school that compares to the Kipling School in Pearland. Thank you for your services over the past year. We hope to see a Kipling School in Pearland in the near future!

Tiki C

Zoe absolutely adores Kipling. It’s been a very good experience for all of us.

Alexandra P

We have loved the teachers at Kipling. I am so thankful for them and the role they have played in my son’s development.

Melissa C

Thank you for all of the great care he has received over that past 11 months.

Andrea G

Ben has thrived in the Forest Room and absolutely adores the staff. Thanks for everything.

Kate S

Thank you for the wonderful care of our children over the past few years.

Quy D

We have not had the chance to say how much he has bloomed with the help of your team and the great teachers. Thank you for your patience with us and Dothan’s growth. We wish you the very best.

Isabel & Sean

Thank you so much for the excellent care you have provided us.

Ruth S

Thanks very much for the care and expertise TKS and KSA have shown for both of our children over the years.

Jeff & Kirstin

We have truly enjoyed watching our children thrive and learn with their wonderful teachers.

Reena P

Kayzer really loves going to the school.

Jian & Jia

Kipling has been absolutely wonderful for her. She ahs learned SO much and really enjoyed her time here.

Jaclynn M

We love our Kipling family. The teachers, staff, and parents of Isabel’s classmates are incredible.

Alex & Tia

We would like to thank you and the staff at Kipling for the great care, love and tasty meals over the past year.

Rosa and Mohammed

We greatly appreciate Kipling’s contributions to our daughter’s learning and growth. Thank you Jennifer!

Ricardo L

We can’t say enough wonderful things about tanner’s time at Kipling. She has learned so much, and we have been blessed with the best teachers and administrators!

Randi and Jeff

Thank you for the many years at Kipling for both Alexander and Arden. We will continue to recommend Kipling as we have had many great years here. Thank you.

Felix and Kawanza

We have valued all of our years at Kipling and want to thank you and all the teachers, administrators, and soccer/music teachers that have played such a huge role in both Cara and Blake’s educational foundation. I have referred many friends and family over the years largely because a number of the dedicated teachers that have made the biggest impact on our experience. Thanks for everything.

Patchin C

The Kipling family will always be close to our hearts. Thank you for everything these last seven years.

Rajul & Ankur

We love Kipling so much, and we will continue to sing its praise to all that ask, as we have all had a great experience at Kipling.

Jamie S

Liam truly loves his teachers, and the staff has always made us feels so welcomed. Wishing y’all the best.

Lynn & Chris

Thank you for everything you’ve helped with Michelle. She has definitely improved dramatically since being in the Kipling School.

Robert T.

Thank you so much for all that all of you, and especially all of the amazing teachers, have done for Wyatt and our family. as a three year old, the first couple of weeks of a new school could have been shaky, at best. Not at Kipling! Wyatt marched right into the Beach Room on his first day and immediately fell madly in love with Ms. Jaime and Ms. Ashley…as did we. I am so grateful for the atmosphere of love and learning that Wyatt was presented with and ultimately flourished in. I believe that his progression of social skills as well as academic skills was very fast and attribute this to the encouraging and nurturing nature of the teachers. He has learned an insane amount of pre-kindergarten curriculum in a very short amount of time. The individualized attention that he receives on a daily basis has had very positive effects on his acquisition and retention of this curriculum. I knew I was in trouble the other night when Wyatt was explaining gravity to me. I had to Google some of the stuff he was saying, which of course, turned out to be accurate!

Rachelle V.

We are sad to say we will be withdrawing from the Kipling School. We are moving to Katy. The only reason we considered staying was keeping Maddy enrolled at Kipling. The school exceeded all our expectations and we cannot thank you enough for providing such a wonderful experience.

Mark & Megan S

My wife and I really appreciate all the help and support from you and your teachers. Kipling is a great school.

John W.

We are very pleased with Lucie’s experience at Kipling and will also be registering her younger sister.

Nisha V.

We have enjoyed Kipling. It is a wonderful school.

Kelly S.

Luke has enjoyed his three years there. We really appreciate your high-quality preschool education program. Luke is a very right child and we know a large part of that was due to your curriculum as well as the loving, nurturing teachers you employ.

Matt & Diane S.

Thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided for our family. Kipling school was a heaven for us and we are going to miss it a lot.

Geetu S.

We’ve really enjoyed having her at The Kipling School. The teachers are exceptional and have always been really good to Ella. Thanks for all you’ve done.

Claudia T.

For more than two years, Kipling has been Ayden’s second home. I thank you for the wonderful care the teachers and the staff have provided for my son.

Irana & Raad O.

We love the school! Thank you and your staff for all that you’ve done for my children!

Eryn M.

We have had a WONDERFUL experience with this school. His year at Kipling has been a godsend for our family. The teachers have provided loving, excellent care in every classroom. We also appreciate how attentive and helpful the administrative staff ahs been as well. We have nothing but good things to say. Thank you for making Peter part of this community over the past year!

Claire & William

We’ve had an amazing experience at Kipling and could not be happier with the school over the past 9 months.

Ron D.

I just wanted to take some time to appreciate the teachers and administrative team! Both my husband and I truly feel blessed to have such amazing teacher for Zayyan. Zayyan really loves them and truly feels loved in the room. He has come a long way in adjusting to the class and all the credit goes tot eh awesome teacher you have! He has learned to many new things and is really coming our of his shell.

Ashma & Nazeem


I really want to tell you that we are very happy about the school and teachers. We are grateful for what you are doing for our son. If my new assignment is going to be in Houston again, we’ll let you know immediately because we would like to bring Ethan to your school also next year. 

Antonello P.


My Son, Quentin, attended Kipling from when he was 1 year old until Kindergarten. He does his summer at Kipling each year. Natalie and I have always loved Kipling and it has a special place in our heart. 

Rodolfo C.


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Kipling family.

Angel S.


Santiago has loved every minute of his time with Cris and Kahory. 

Felisa R.


Thank you so much for everything over the past several years. Charlie has grown so much over the past few years, and it is in huge part because of the warm and loving environment of Kipling, and we so appreciate you. Kipling will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Ryan B.


Thank you for a great preschool experience!

Andrea T


We have very much enjoyed Kipling – he has been there since he was 6 months! And in particular, we appreciated how you all handled the pandemic – lots of great, clear communication and a commitment to offering in-person learning were very important to us. We wish you all the best. 

Castlen and Cory


Thanks for all the great memories there since he was 2 months old. 🙂



Thank you so much for making our littles time so fun. 

Gwenn I.


Thenk y’all for taking such good care of her. She absolutely adores Ms. Elexxa! She really has made her transition to her first school experience very smooth, and she’s always so positive and friendly. She has provided great consistency and care. Something Eleanor really needed during this pandemic. 



We have loved our time and our teachers at Kiping and feel Keller is very well prepared for next school year. Thanks for all your help!


We have loved the care his teachers have provided and the school made us feel so safe leaving our preemie there. Thank you.

Andrew H.


We’re super grateful that we picked Kipling as the teachers here are not only professional but also full of love, they share the feeling of the kids and are willing to do extra to help the kids in getting more comfotable. Her English is improving, she understands rules, she is able to feed herself, and she can better express her feelings! We’d like to thank you and the teachers in teh circus room for all your help, guidance, and love. 

Hongru W.


We have absolutely loved our time here. 

Kristie S.


Cara loves her teachers and all of the staff so much! She has thrived under your care, and we have all really appreciated her time at the school. We have also appreciated all of the help with Cora’s applications for Kindergarten programs in the Cleveland area. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful place for Cora to learn. We will miss being a part of Kipling. 

Daniel S.


I just wanted to share with you how amazing Max’s teachers are. Miss Stephanie and Miss Elexxa are truly phenomenal! They are so warm, caring, and loving that Max simply loves going to school and even asked us to pick him up late, so he can stay longer! They are also great educators. He comes home with new things he has learned every day, and he loves to tell us about them. He is truly thriving in their care. 

We feel really great taking him to school every morning. Just seeing how lovingly his teachers welcome him is such a great feeling.

Tobias S.


Thank you for all you’ve done these past 5 years. We’ve had such an amazing experience at Kipling!! Thank you!

Savannah B.


Victoria has truly loved her time at Kipling and she has grown and learned so much while attending school there. Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter.

Christina and Oleska


Thank you to the Kipling on Floyd staff for our amazing time. We cannot thank you enough for taking care and nurturing Maximilian over the past 18 months. We wish you all continues growth and success at all Kipling locations.

Roxann K.


We truly appreciate everything y’all have done to help care and nurture Aelin, and by extension our family. Thanks so much!

Jenn J.


Noah and Aida have both thoroughly enjoyed their time at Kipling and have grown and learned so much and we all just love their teachers! Thanks. 

Sonya H.


William has really enjoyed his time at Kipling and loves his teachers (both current and past). We have been very happy over our family’s eight plus years at Kipling and thank you for providing an atmosphere that was fun, attentive, educational, and supportive. 

Scott D.


We are extremely grateful and happy with Kipling. We’ve had an amazing experience here and I’ll always be a big advocate of the school. 

Vicky B.


We are really going to miss the wonderful teachers and staff at the school and we hope we will see you next year as we will see you next year as we will surely come back for summer fun. 

Thank you very much for everything you have done for Vivian, she is super ready for Kinder and is really going to miss y’all. 

Norelis & Gustavo R.


It has been an amazing 5 plus years with you guys and I can’t thank you all enough for making some informative years some of the best!

Katie K.


Thank you for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Kipling School. I firmly believe the small acts for inclusion will create dynamic learning who are prepared to created positive change in the world. We appreciate the curriculum.  

Blake E.


Henry has grown and learned so much during his time at Kipling and we are so thankful for that.

Thank you. 

Jamie S.


It’s been such a joy to see how much Zeke thrives in the Robot Room, and we’re so appreciative of the love and encouragement he’s received from Ms. Amanda and Ms. Teleza. 

Thank you!

Kate S.


We  have been so happy and grateful! we love the school. The teachers and staff are all amazing. Thank you for everything!

Lisa M.


The entire school and staff have been an incredible blessing to our family since 2018.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for our little ones!

Michaela & John W.


Y’all have been FABULOUS & I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you and the other teachers. I will make sure the ‘admin team’ is aware (again!) of my gratitude for y’all and everything you’ve done this year. You are all angels and a blessing to Kipling and the sdudents. Thank you. 



We really appreciated all the attention and support provided to our daughter during her time there. Thank you Kipling School. 

Hudson H.


I’d just like to say a big thank you to all the staff who have helped with her introduction to daycare, she seems to have adapted really well and I can tell her teachers genuinely care for her. Thanks. 

Ceallach C.


We are grateful to you all for providing us a great environment, education, and overall experience. 

Tzu-Yu & David M


.Thanks for all the good work. 


This is our 6th year at Kipling. Our first born Rahul spent 3 years in Kipling before moving on to Kindergarten. He was already ahead of the learning curve thanks to all the things he learned at Kipling. So Kipling was the obvious choice for our daughter Reethi. She loves going to school every day. We love knowing that she is in great hands! 


It is hard to find words meaningful enough to express how happy we have been with our son’s education at Kipling, but we will try. Each week we are in awe at what he has learned in the classroom. Your curriculum has expanded his world in way we didn’t know were possible for his age. He is always excited each morning to walk into school, and leaves each afternoon smiling and overjoyed to tell us about his day. Our experience in each of the classrooms he has been in have exceeded our expectations. The teacher set such a warm and positive energy and it feels good knowing his days are run by early education professionals that care about Oliver as an individual, and are passionate about ensuring he has a solid foundation upon which a lifetime of learning will be built. Kipling feels so much more than a school for our family. Its walls hold so many of Oliver’s firsts, and so many very special people who have shaped our little boy with love and care.

Becky and Boran

We have been so impressed by the school, administration and especially Amy’s teachers. Amy has loved going to school which, in turn, has made it easier to say goodbye in the mornings. Should we come back to Houston, The Kipling School will be at the top of the list. We appreciate all of the support we have received. Many thanks. 


We have enjoyed our time at Kipling and we want to especially thank our teachers. He flourished under their care and we will be forever grateful for the time he spent with them. Thank you for all you have done to support our family.

Shannon H & Charlie G

We’ve been at the school since January of 2013. We will always be grateful for all the love the teachers have shown our kids over the years! Each teachers impact on our kids has not gone unnoticed, and we will be forever thankful.

Jamie G

The Kipling School as well as the Kipling Street Academy were are big part of our lives here. Especially for the kids, of course. Thank you for all of the support and our children’s education over the past 3.5 years. You have amazing teachers! We will all always have nice and sweet memories of every one of them.

Martin & Albina

We couldn’t be happier with the dynamic of the ladies. The things Hazel comes home knowing blows us away on a daily basis and that is all coming from the Jungle Room. Everything from the concept of counting objects to all of her numbers, colors and basic vocab in Spanish, not to mention good grammar for short sentences. Hazel’s 5 year old cousin and Wharton Dual Language is being schooled by Hazel in Spanish when they’re together! We are so thrilled with all the development and learning we have seen in Hazel just in these past few months so great job to those ladies!

Katie K


Patrick loves going to school and is learning so much!

Elizabeth U.

4+ years later at Kipling and our first born is headed to Kinder. I’m so grateful for the love and education at The Kipling School. Kiran has been set up for success! Thank you.

Shirley & Neerav

We have loved every minute of our experience with Kipling. Sophia was so well cared for and has truly flourished during her time in your school. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful school. We are so thankful for all of you.

Carrie F

Our family has loved our time and The Kipling School, with Zane attending when the school first opened and Shelby attending since June of 2016. The Kipling School gave such a gift to our family by accepting Shelby and took the worry from us about who would help me care for her. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for that gift as it eased my mind and give comfort that she would obtain such great care once she arrived. I have been beyond pleased with the level of care, support and education The Kipling School has provided for Shelby. Your high-quality infant care and preschool education program is truly a superior. Your staff has been nothing short of amazing. They have given such care, love and support not only to Shelby but also to her brothers and myself.

Gretchen M

Lawson has enjoyed his time at Kipling and his father and I have been very impressed with your nurturing and professional approach to childcare. We sincerely appreciate everything you guys have done in caring and playing a major role in his educational development.

Fan-Ling M

Andres has been almost 3 years in the school while Diego has been just under a year and we all have really enjoyed the time at Kipling. I want to thank the teachers and the staff for their kindness and help during this time.

Javier R

I think you all have done a PHENOMENAL job taking care of the Kipling families every single day, not just the past few very difficult and stressful pandemic months. It takes a very special group of people to care as much as you do, and I will happily recommend, in fact STRONGLY recommend The Kipling school to all families I know that are looking for a special home-away-from-home for their littles.

Erin & Brian

We have really enjoyed Evangeline’s time at Kipling School. Evageline has made incredible strides in her verbal communication skills, and Kelly and I agree that the quality of her instruction has played a significant role. Thank you.

Matt T

There aren’t words to describe what Jackson’s time at your school has done for his kindness, confidence and learning skills. Thank you for providing an amazing place filled with community, care and fun! Thank you!

Andrea F

I want you to know we are very happy with your staff and we all love Kipling. Molly learns so much at school.

Jason and Patricia

Thank you so much for everything you all did to help with Lucy’s transition. She adjusted so well.


We very much enjoyed our time here.

Ross and Vivian

We appreciate all that the school and great teachers have provided for our children.

Hilda and Eric

Leah’s progression has been nothing short of outstanding over the last 8 months she has attended Kipling. We feel most of that progress is due to her outstanding educators, their love for the children, and their eternal patience with Leah and her parents.

Matt & Nancy

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience at the Kipling School. We enjoyed all of his teachers and loved the new friends he has met.

Michelle & Darrell

Liam and Paloma have really enjoyed their experience at Kipling. Thank you!

Rory O

We appreciate all the time Molly spend at Kipling since early 2012 and will always remember the wonderful friends we made and teachers she has had.


We have been very happy at Kipling. Thank you.

Irene A

You all have been so great, and we thank you so much for all your hard work!

Stephanie V

We have really loved Kipling and the teacher have been wonderful! Thank you for everything!

Erica & Matt

We loved all of his teachers and have loved every minute of him attending Kipling. We hope our spot allows another family to be just as happy. Thank you!


Thank you so much for everything you have done for both our children! We are so grateful.

Chris & Scott

We love the Kipling School and everyone there. Both Nia and Koa practically growing up at Kipling, so many good memories.

Minh B

We have really enjoyed the staff and care Jameson has received. Thanks.

Amanda W

Thank you very much for all the love and care the center has shown our little girl.

Yujing H

Thank you for taking care of him and teaching him all these years.

Christine K

We’ve loved seeing how much he learns and how excited he is to go to school. Especially this year in the Robot Room, we can see him learning new things each week! Thanks!

Bryan B

We have really enjoyed our time with y’all. All of Sasha’s teachers have been loving and supporting.

Mahima P

We have loved every step of his journey here at Kipling and believe that he is the child he is today due to the nurturing and caring environment that you all create. Thanks.

Sandy D

We have had such a wonderful experience at Kipling and Dean has really connected with Ms. Stephanie, Indira, and Jenny.

Lauren B

I want to say how much we have enjoyed Kipling (at both locations). Our kids are happy, bright, and have a love for learning – thanks to the teachers and staff at your school. Jennifer – you have truly raised the bar when it comes to childcare in Houston. Thanks for all that you’ve done!

Rachael G

We’ve had our girls with Kipling, Mia and Amal, nearly since they were born. I think about 5 years of class time between them. Thanks so much for taking care of both our girls.

Bryan B

We have really enjoyed our time at Kipling and will miss this excellent school.

Christina H

We appreciate all the teachers and staff.

Crystal M

We couldn’t ask for a more wonderful group of women as teachers.
Grateful parents-

Jimmy and Olivia H

Thank you so much for the transparency! The staff and teachers are doing a wonderful job. Our daughter is super happy and I contribute that to the staff. Thanks again.

Holly S

Hi Jennifer, I cannot say enough wonderful things about the schools and programs you have created. From Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Rebekah helping to potty train Crews, to Ms. Maria and Ms. Gretchen continuing to help Crews excel at reading and math, Crews’ experience has been nothing short of amazing. Crews scored on the 99th percentile on the vanguard testing and it was in very large part to what he has learned at school. As you know, Crews was earlier at the schools very often pointed to as two of the best preschools in Houston and Kipling was head and shoulder above both – for safety, security, nurturing and education. I have pointed many people to the school in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for everything you have done.

Ellen S

Just wanted to drop a quick email saying thank YOU for all that you do. Everyday I feel good dropping off Halla knowing she will have a great day filled with learning, love and encouragement. We LOVE all that you do for Halla! Tanks for always including us!!

Ally S.

Dear Jennifer and Kipling Staff,
Thank you for taking such great care of our Sammy, these last two plus years. He leaves with fond memories, good manners (most of the time) and respect for himself and others… all due to your fine efforts.
Thank you for allowing us to help when we could and for all of our own fond memories. Pauline and I will never forget all you have done for us.
We wish all of you the very best and our hope is that many more children will pass through the Kipling experience with the same laughter and happiness that Sammy did.
Keep up the fine work each of you do… it really matters!

Felipe & Pauline S.

We have truly enjoyed our time at your school. You all have been so kind, caring, and professional. Annabelle has developed tremendously since she started in the infant room, and I know much of her advancement has been because of the great care and education she receives daily from the wonderful teachers and staff.

Ashley T.

Dear Mrs. Pierce,
I appreciate everything that you, your teachers, and staff have done to make our experience at The Kipling school and wonderful one. Thank you.

Ashley A.

Our children have enjoyed their time at your school very much, and my husband and I have been incredibly impressed with your nurturing, caring, and professional approach to child care/schooling. Thank you so much for all you have done in making our kids feel comfortable, cared for and safe. Your teachers, office staff and chefs are truly exceptional!

Jennifer H.

I’ve loved having my boys there!!!

Carolyn R.

We have had such a wonderful experience with the office staff and all of Maddy’s teachers (and even the teachers that Maddy hasn’t had). Thank you so much for taking such great care of our little girl!

Mandy D.

We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the teachers, level of care and emphasis on education that TKS has provided our little Marisol over the last 2-years. Marisol has thrived at TKS and we do not doubt that her educational and social progress is due largely in part to her time at TKS. We are your biggest fans. Please keep up the excellent work!

Jimmy H.

Staff Testimonials


My experience with The Kipling School has been very rewarding. I appreciate having the opportunity to work with this great team. 

Viviana N.


I want to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful years I have had at Kipling. I have really appreciated your cintinuous generosity, kindness, support, and flexibility throughout my time working as at teacher at your school. You have created an exceptional school with the curriculum, leadership, and training experiences that have helped me thrive and enjoy my experience as a teacher to the fullest. 

Miranda P.

Thank you so much for the opportunities and support over my time at Kipling. I have learned a lot and been so happy working here these past four years. 

Emily G.


I am extremely grateful for the opportunity you gave me to belong to the great family of Kipling School. I consider three years of experience with you a great blessing for me and my family. I will always remember management and co-workers with great respect and appreciation. 

Jannette S.


Thank you for the opportunities and suppport you have provided me over the past four years.

Gina S.


It has been a pleasure working with everything in The Kipling school team. I was nervous since it was my very first job working with toddlers,  during my past jobs had worked with elementary. In my time here, I have grown professionally and made great memories. In particular I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of  your team. I enjoyed every second of working here with the staff and students at the Dessert Room. Working with Ms. Maria was such a great experience. I have learned from her teaching skills and loved her class. Thank you for everything!.

Paola R.

I really appreciate all the love and support you’ve provided me not only now, but over the past five years. I value all that I’ve learned from you and cherish the special relationships within Kipling. I look forward to seeing everyone’s continued growth and sharing future memories as the friendships go outside the office walls!

Christine N

Dear Jennifer,
I have really enjoyed working at your school. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the support and the opportunities for professional growth you’ve provided me during my time here. I wish you and The Kipling School Success.

Brenda P

Dear Mrs. Pierce,
I have enjoyed working with the students and staff. Thank you for the support and opportunities that you have provided me throughout my employment with the school. I wish the best of luck to this excellent school.

Cindy P

Hi Jennifer. I want to thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and I love working for you at such an amazing environment. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and experience you gave me.

Isabella P

Thank you so much for granting me the opportunity to work in the garden room for the past year and a half. I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated collaborating with, growing, and learning from and alongside many Kipling friends and classroom leaders. Additionally, I am eternally grateful that working at Kipling allowed me the time and energy to serve as full-time youth ministry staff. Without a doubt, I will always look back on my time at Kipling with fond memories, a huge smile, and a very grateful heart. I wish The Kipling school administration and staff every blessing and happiness.

Elvia R

I have enjoyed working at The Kipling School and will miss the collaboration our department shares. I appreciate the opportunities you have given me. Best wishes in the future, thank you for everything!

Gabriela O

I feel so lucky to be working with such amazing people & friends! I love being a part of such a wonderful team! Thanks for everything!

Stephanie W

I’ve really enjoyed my time here and am excited to continue learning.

Caroline S


I have enjoyed my time tremedously here at Kipling. I have made so many beautiful memories here with my students and coworkers. I truly enjoy helping teach small minds. I have learned many techniques in regards to teaching young students. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the KIpling family and allowing me to continue to grow. 

Jeanette G.


It has been a pleasure working with you all and I wish everyone the best in success. 

Jakayla A.


I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity of working for such a great school as Kipling. I have learned so much and I will forever be grateful for this amazing opportunity. Thank you for all your guidance. 

Elizabeth S.


I have enjoyed my time at The Kipling School and I am grateful for all of the valuable experience I earned. 

Teleza C.


I have enjoyed my time here and I thank you for this opportunity. 

Lena G.

I will miss you, my friends that I have made and the sweet kiddos. Everything that I have learned from you and the rest of the amazing staff at Kipling! I will take all that I have learned and thrive because of the great opportunities you have given me. For that, I am most grateful for. Thank you so much!

Stephanie W

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with The Kipling School for the past year. I have really enjoyed my job and have learned so much. I wish you and The Kipling School continues success.

Brittany B

I want to thank you for being so understanding and kind. When speaking with you I could hear the warmth and sincerity in your voice. Thanks for your genuine concern, it is so appreciated. It feels good to be a part of an environment that feels like a second family. Thank you so very much!

Chloe R

I would just like to thank you for giving me this job; it has taught me so much. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am so grateful! I wish you all the best.

Stef T

Dear Jennifer,
I am sincerely thankful for the tremendous opportunity you have given me to strive in pursuit of my education career. You have given me the chance at your wonderful school, and you were able to accommodate my school schedule. Thank you for allowing me to invest as much of me into The Kipling School as I did.

Kathy M

It was such a rewarding experience working for you and it has been nothing but positive. Thank you for the endless opportunities for growth that you have provided me.

Carolyn B

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for allowing me to work with the sweet babies and great teachers.

Vanessa C

I would like to take a moment and thank you for this amazing job opportunity you have granted me. This past year at The Kipling School I have learned and grown so much, making this the best experience in my career. I could not be anymore thankful for the people that I have met through my time here at your school.

Erica B

I would like to thank you for all the great opportunities you have given me at The Kipling School.

Blench O