Word From the Founder

The Kipling School is an extraordinary place where children come first. It is a place where you can feel comfortable knowing that every member of the Kipling School staff is committed to the education and well being of your child. At Kipling we recognize children as individuals with unique gifts, strengths, and needs. It is our goal to nurture your child through meaningful application of learning in an exciting, creative, and loving environment.
The spirit of The Kipling School environment, fostering learning and growth, can be seen in everything we do. Our multi-year, age-appropriate program is based on your child’s natural development. We begin with infants, move into pre-school, and progress from kindergarten to eighth grade. I am confident that you will find the highest quality of care and education at Kipling.
Jennifer Pierce
Founder, The Kipling School

Early Childhood

Lower School

Middle School